Our Approach

We believe Native communities have the wisdom to find the solutions to cancer inequities, but are often seeking the organizational capacity, expert input and resources to do so.

We support innovative, community-based interventions that engage Native populations in the discovery of their own cancer best practices.

We strive to be a partner trusted by tribal and urban community members, leaders, health care providers and others working toward effective and sustainable cancer solutions.

How are we making a difference?

Health system partnerships:

  • We champion inter-tribal collaborations to define cancer barriers and solutions in and across American Indian communities.
  • We assist health systems to identify gaps and find solutions to effective cancer prevention and care.
  • We offer systems support to improve cancer screening and tracking systems.
  • We conduct health care provider education to increase awareness of the importance of the health care provider role in recommending the right screening, referrals and treatment for every American Indian patient.

Community Education and outreach:

  • We perform community education and outreach to increase awareness of cancer prevention and promote early detection.
  • We deploy community health workers to help men and women overcome screening barriers.

Community-based research:

  • We work with communities to identify research questions, methods and funding opportunities.
  • We support the collection and use of population-specific data to guide efforts.
  • We make sure findings are shared and published so all Native communities can benefit from new ideas and knowledge.

How can you help?