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At the American Indian Cancer Foundation (AICAF), we imagine a world where cancer is no longer the leading cause of death for American Indian and Alaska Native people. Through hard work, culturally appropriate community-based programs and policy change that affords Native people access to the best prevention and treatment strategies, we see a day where American Indian and Alaska Native communities are free of the burdens of cancer.

Our Strategy

  • Bring attention to American Indian and Alaska Native cancer burdens and solutions

  • Advance capacity through training, technical assistance and culturally-tailored resources

  • Increase availability of reliable American Indian and Alaska Native cancer data and solutions

Funding Opportunities


We work with communities to identify research questions, methods and funding opportunities.

American Indian Cancer Foundation


We support the collection and use of population-specific data to guide efforts.

Building larger campaigns


We make sure findings are shared and published so all Native communities can benefit from new ideas and knowledge.

Tribes for Hope

Demonstrate your tribe’s commitment to building stronger, healthier Native communities by becoming a Tribe for Hope. AICAF collaborates with tribal leadership to support communities, helping them build capacity to end cancer in Indian Country. Become a Tribe for Hope


Partner With Us

AICAF strives to be a partner trusted by tribal and urban community members, leaders, health care providers and others working toward effective and sustainable cancer solutions. Through health systems partnerships, community education and outreach, and research, we engage Native populations in the discovery of their own cancer best practices.


Get Involved

Powwow for Hope is a nationwide community event and fundraiser for the American Indian Cancer Foundation. Each year thousands of community members and supporters come together to honor loved ones who have faced or are currently facing cancer by creating a space for healing.