American Indian Resources (AIR) for Tribal Health Equity Project

With funding support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, the AIR project will engage Minnesota American Indian communities to plan for and achieve tribal health equity through community organizing, engagement and capacity building for action and innovation through collaboration and culturally relevant, evidence-based strategies that focus on policy, systems and environmental change to promote health equity, cancer prevention and healthy norms within American Indian communities.

For more information, contact Amanda: 612-314-4848 (ext. 847) or

American Indian Systems for Tobacco Addiction Treatment (STAT)

The STAT project, funded by ClearWay Minnesota℠, is a feasibility study aimed to partner with three American Indian clinics and systematically integrate tobacco intervention into every health care visit based on the “5 A’s” model for treating tobacco use and dependence. The intervention focuses on two main strategies: 1) health care provider education, and 2) the provision of clinical systems tools to encourage and support clinic staff involvement in the assessment of smoking status and treatment of tobacco dependence.

For more information, contact Brandie: 612-314-4848 (ext. 845) or

Community Health Worker & Colorectal Cancer Screening Navigator:

Joy Rivera

We deploy a community health worker to conduct cancer prevention education and promote the benefits of cancer screening.  She also helps American Indian men and women in the Twin Cities to overcome cancer screening barriers and complete cancer screening as recommended.

If you or someone you know would like more information about cancer screening, contact Joy: 612-202-0588 (call or text), 612-314-4848 (ext. 843) or

Evaluation Support for Tribal Cancer Projects

We offer customized, participatory program evaluation support and expertise to tribal and urban cancer projects. Our staff provide technical assistance regarding evaluation plan development, implementation, data management and dissemination. This evaluation support is important in order for cancer programs to monitor, improve, and sustain quality services for American Indian communities.

For more information, contact Brandie: 612-314-4848 (ext. 845) or

Minnesota Wisconsin Inter-Tribal Comprehensive Cancer Council (MWICCC):

MWICCC Meeting

We facilitate the Minnesota Wisconsin Inter-Tribal Comprehensive Cancer Council, with support provided by the Minnesota Department of Health. MWICCC strives to foster inter-tribal collaborations to define cancer prevention, early detection and treatment barriers along with their solutions for Native communities, provide health education programs with up-to-date information and improve community outreach to increase screening rates. MWICCC meets three times per year, twice in person and one conference call. MWICCC members include tribal and urban clinic and community health staff across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

For more information or if would like to get involved, contact Brandie: 612-314-4848 (ext. 845) or

Pink Shawls Project

Pink Shawls at Powwow for Hope 2013

With funding supported by Susan G. Komen for the Cure Minnesota, AICAF will develop and foster the collaborative partnerships necessary to support a sustainable, culturally appropriate system for raising awareness and educating American Indian women about breast health issues and improving access to screening in a way that is culturally-tailored and community based. Project activities include 1) raising awareness about breast health issues in culturally-specific ways within tribal and urban communities through the development and delivery of the Pink Shawl Project and other culturally relevant information and events and 2) promoting programs that increase access to breast health education and screening through improved coordination and use of available resources.

For more information, contact Daanis: 612-314-4848 (ext. 853) or

Powwow for Hope™

Powwow for Hope: Dancing for Life, Love & Hope is a community event that is an opportunity for everyone to offer love and support to the cancer survivors and caregivers in the community, to honor loved ones who have battled cancer and to learn more about cancer prevention and resources. Powwow for Hope is an annual fundraiser for the American Indian Cancer Foundation (AICAF). All funds raised by individuals and teams will be used to address the cancer burdens faced by many American Indian families throughout Indian Country.

For more information, contact Kirk: 612-314-4848 (ext. 852) or email:

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