The Healthy Native Foods work at the American Indian Cancer Foundation (AICAF) has focused on informing, supporting and strengthening sustainable healthy food systems in Minnesota American Indian communities.


Learning Tours

The American Indian Cancer Foundation organized interactive bus tours where community members visited Native-owned food systems and participated in discussions on the healthy food needs in American Indian communities. A Healthy Native Foods Steering Committee comprised of American Indian stakeholders across Minnesota helped develop community-specific goals and recommendations based on their unique community perspective and experiences as well as barriers examined during these Healthy Native Foods tours.

Native American Gardens

Reconnecting with Food Relatives

Ricing Traditions



Recipe Share

Sesame Ginger Quinoa Salad - featured in the AICAF Newsletter Vol (2)-2 2016

Wild Rice Stuffed Buffalo Meatballs - Provided by Yazzie the Cook 

Holiday Recipes (provided by various sources)

Healthy Native Foods Toolkit

The American Indian Cancer Foundation supported the development of a Healthy Native Foods toolkit designed for organizations who work with the American Indian community. This toolkit was developed by Stacy Hammer, Lower Sioux Tribal Member and Registered Dietitian. It offers strategies for healthier eating practices at the workplace and for organizations that host community events and meetings.  It also expands to include cost effective strategies for families and specific ways to engage kids in healthier eating.

Healthy Native Foods Toolkit

Healthy Native Foods Articles (February, March, April, May 2014)

In efforts to raise community awareness of the Healthy Native Foods Project, its partners and the benefits of healthy eating within the American Indian community, the American Indian Cancer Foundation featured local partners and their programs in a Healthy Native Food series in The Circle Newspaper (Minneapolis), on Facebook and Twitter.

Healthy Native Food Articles